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Amazon, Inc. is an American multinational electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is the world's largest online retailer. The company also produces consumer electronics—notably the Amazon Kindle e-book reader and the Kindle Fire Tablet computer —and is a major provider of cloud computing services.

Inout Shopping Cart Affiliate Addon

Inout Shopping Cart Affiliate Addon

InoutScripts|Amazon,E-Commerce|PHP|Commercial|340 views

Let affiliates advertise vendors or products & Shopping Cart owners can increase revenue, traffic and demand to their portal. Take advantage of this lucrative add-on, push the bottom line up and build business relationships along the way. Affiliate and Commission Management Sy...

Inout Shopping Cart Standard

Inout Shopping Cart Standard

Inoutscripts|E-Commerce,Amazon|PHP|Commercial|208 views

Use Inout Shopping Cart Software to build your store online, quickly, and right the first time. Inout Shopping Cart is a complete e-commerce storefront solutions with multiple sellers and multiple administrators in the backend for you. Its highlighted features are: .Powerful ...

Uni-eCart Open Source Ecommerce Software

Uni-eCart Open Source Ecommerce Software

Uniecommerce|Amazon,E-Commerce|PHP|Open Source|1357 views

Uni-eCart is an easy way to manage and customize shopping cart with secured features. Some of the key features are its easy, fast and powerful with user-friendly presentation and customer participation. With sales enhancing features.

Flippy AffilatePlatform – Affilate Site Builder Script

Flippy AffilatePlatform – Affilate Site Builder Script

FlippyScripts|Amazon,Affiliate Program|PHP|Commercial|2164 views

Start your own affiliate website just like thisiswhyimbroke(dot)com or shutupandtakemymoney(dot)com with Flippy Flippy AffilatePlatform. You can easily add affiliate products from any website like Amzon, thinkgeek etc. Start your new project with Flippy AffilatePlatform and st...


idev-DigiVendor|Amazon,E-Commerce|PHP|Commercial|494 views

idev-DigiVendor is a PHP Script (special software for your website) that allows you to sell digital products (via Paypal/Credit Card) with fully download delivery automation and secure file delivery. idev-DigiVendor protects the URL locations of your product files and can limi...

Multi Seller Cart

Multi Seller Cart|Amazon,E-Commerce|PHP|Commercial|1877 views

Multi Seller Cart is a solution which allows companies, multi seller and multi vendor to sell their products online. So a store owner can let third-party sellers use the store. The store owner will be referred to as the administrator, while the third-party sellers are referred...

Jewelry store site script

Jewelry store site script|Amazon,E-Commerce|PHP|Commercial|478 views

ICJewelry is a script for building an online multi language jewelry store where customers can choose a category and purchase products online. Customers can add items to shopping cart and view cart content. Payments are done by paypal, other payment gateways can be integrated. ...


idev-DigiMall|Amazon,E-Commerce|PHP|Commercial|389 views

idev-DigiMall is a multi Vendor Digital Goods Script, A MultiVendor script (based on our DigiVendor script) enables you to allow 3rd party vendors to register and sell products within your store and collect a commission from their product sales.



Avactis|Amazon,E-Commerce|PHP|Commercial|415 views

Avactis offers the rare combination of cutting edge designs and usage of state of the art technology . It has a great layout and its visual CSS editor allows you to easily change the store design to suit your taste and needs. To top it all, the overall solution is easy to impl...

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