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RSSGeni|Alltop,PopUrls|PHP|Commercial|499 views

RSSGeni is an automated RSS News Aggregator and online dynamic niche news startpage/dashboard generator that gathers popular news and trending topics in the very same spot. The featured rss feed aggregator is fully automated, and it scours feeds in real time.


OneNews|Alltop,PopUrls|PHP|Commercial|623 views

Popurls and alltop are the ultimate source for the latest web buzz and a daily must-read for me. I thought I can work out something similar to keep track of the buzz on WordPress and thus OneNews was born. With this news aggregator theme, you can even create unlimited pages of...



SimplePie|Alltop,PopUrls|PHP|Free and Open Source|556 views

NewsBlock is a free PHP script that allows you to replicate functionalities of PopURLs. This script leverages SimplePie’s RSS feed parsing capabilities to return multiple feeds from various website with each one having its own block on the homepage.

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