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Developer: PHP MonsterClone/Category of : MagMyPic
License :CommercialLanguage :PHP

Create your own fake magazine cover site. The php based create magazines script allows you to change photos in magazine covers with yours. You can find all the top rated magazine covers with this script. Users just need to upload photos which they want to add into the magazine. A User can share the cover with other users or friends in social networks. This can also be used to create a professional magazine cover within minutes. This script also has features like rating system, banner add placement, social sharing, news section, language settings etc.

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Updated : 2024-03-01 | 914 Views

About MagMyPic allows users to combine their picture with custom made magazine covers, and then post and share their picture all over the web. Users upload pictures of their friends, family, and whoever they want, and select from our wide array of magazines. The user can even position and adjust their image to perfection.
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