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AnyBooking is a versatile booking-system script which can be used to construct a robust online booking site. This booking software can be used to book any service like air carriers (flights), buses, cars, trucks, cruises etc. AnyBooking can be used for setting up a market place where customers can book/reserve for any type of rental services. This script supports multiple payment gateways and allows users to login easily through social accounts. The multilingual feature allows translating pages in your own native language and the advanced search options based on city, country and dates makes the booking process a cake walk.

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About Airbnb

Airbnb, Inc. provides an online platform that connects hosts who have accommodations to rent with guests seeking to rent such accommodations (collectively, the “Services”), which Services are accessible at and any other websites through which Airbnb makes the Services available (collectively, the “Site”) and as an application for mobile devices (the "Application").
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