99designs clone MakeContest

Developer: MakeContest.comClone/Category of : 99designs,crowdSPRING,MycroBurst
License :CommercialLanguage :PHP

PHP clone of crowdsourcing design sites like 99designs, Crowdspring, MycroBurst. Many unique features, can run both image and text contests.

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Updated : 2024-05-06 | 904 Views

About 99designs

99designs is the leading design contest marketplace, powered by a massive community of designers and contest holders.

About crowdSPRING

The world's #1 marketplace for logo design, web design, and crowdsourced writing projects. Over 36,000 satisfied clients!

About MycroBurst

Get 50 to 150+ quality designs, by thousands of designers in just a few days. Get custom logo design, web design, brochure design and graphic design. Only pay for your favorite design, and see your designs in hours not weeks!
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