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Online Photo Printing & Framing is a CanvasPop clone that allows you to offer Instagram & Facebook prints to your shoppers. Due to growing popularity of Instagram and Facebook the plugin is of great use for many magento shoppers. The clone is easy to use. In the admin custom sizes for the prints, framing options for the shoppers and pricing are added. Therefore, the customer can select the canvas print size and the frame type. Next step is getting connected to Instagram / Facebook via API to select images to print and go to the checkout. In addition, the customer can upload his own images to print. The admin checks the order with the image thumbnails linked to the real images from social networks that let the shop print them and complete the order.

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About CanvasPop

Print any photo on canvas with CanvasPop. Our expert printing processes allow you to create gallery-quality canvas art from your own photos and images.
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