Instagram Clone - Photo Sharing Open Souce Script

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Instagram is one of the most popular mobile social networking app that enable users to share pictures and videos, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Thinking of your own photo sharing application like Instagram? Well, you might not have a new idea, but still, you might have an improvisation in mind that could take the photo sharing idea to a new level. Don’t worry if you cannot build it from scratch, Nine Hertz is there to help you out. Nine Hertz has pre-built Instagram Clone iPhone app at their disposal which they offer you at affordable rates. They can even customize their Instagram Clone according to your requirements. Instagram Clone application allows you to click and publish photos instantaneously and even connect it to social pages. This app also offers you photo enhancement options like blur, raise, and tilt among many others. These can actually convert the photographers into a lively medium of communication. Features of Instagram Clone • iOS Application • Register yourself using email or Facebook and create your own profile • Make new posts (picture or video) • Add image filters and video effects on posts. • Like, comment, sharing posts of others. • Invite friends from Facebook and Twitter. • See latest news and activities. • Edit your profile • Search posts, Hashtags search • Tagging people • Chatting with friends • View past history of what they have posted. • Followers, following etc. • Report Inappropriate • Photo enhancement options like blur, raise and tilt. • Push notifications Why to Opt for Nine Hertz’s Instagram Clone Script? • 100% access to source codes • A clone that is easily customizable to your needs • 24*7 Technical Support • Secure and Risk free installation • No copyright or IP issues • A dedicated team for quick and efficient customization • Completely bug free • Accessible via smartphones, tablets, computer and other similar communication devices • Compatible with all browsers and Operating Systems • SEO friendly as your need • Affordable rate Whenever you desire of having your own app or website like Instagram, Yelp, Groupon, Airbnb etc… with customizations than you should contact Nine Hertz. You will be provided with best services and in affordable prices.

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Social Network

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A social network is a social structure made up of a set of actors (such as individuals or organizations) and the dyadic ties between these actors. The social network perspective provides a clear way of analyzing the structure of whole social entities.
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