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Buyback Service is a Gazelle clone developed to facilitate trade-in programmes. The tool helps to manipulate with old gadgets on both sides – the seller and the buyer. So clients have a great opportunity to sell their old devices and other products to the company: cell phones, laptops, textbooks, games, cds, dvds, digital cameras, etc. Here are basic steps: The seller selects a product from the list. If the client agrees with a fixed price he enters his personal information and chooses a payment method. The seller ships the item to the store. If the store stuff finds the item as described the payment is submitted to the seller. All the process is managed by the administrator with a help of Buyback clone script. He manually changes the statuses of each particular deal – shipped, received, reviewed, paid, returned. Trade-in items as well as buyback flow (frontend/ backend) do not interfere with user’s Magento store operation and its inventory if he runs one.

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About Magento

Magento is the eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world.

About Gazelle

Gazelle pays consumers for used smartphones, and other electronic devices – helping them upgrade faster or put some extra money in their pockets. All while doing some good for the planet by finding homes for the devices they no longer need.
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