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Front End Features User’s Registration: – is for registering new user. There will be a form with proper validation. Login: – 1. Log in form with proper validation. 2. New password will be generated in case of forget password. Post Job Ad:- 1. Main categories. 2. User can post Jobs in different categories and sub categories. My Account:- 1. User can edit his personal information. 2. User can edit his own Job Ads. 3. View number of hits on his Job Ads. 4. View all enquiries on his Job Ad 5. User will be able to reply all enquiries. Search Job Ad: – 1. User can search Job Ads in different categories, sub categories, location. 2. User can also search through keywords View Job Ad:- 1) User can open and post his CV to the owner of the Job Ad 2) User can add a Job Ad to his wish list. 3) User can view job ad from recently posted jobs Contact Us- User can give feedback by writing his name,address and message to the admin Backend Features User Management: – 1. Job Admin can view all users and their details. 2. Job Admin can enable or disable any user at any time. Job Ad Management:- 1. Job Admin can view Job Ads. 2. Job Admin can edit any Job Ad 3. Job Admin have right to enable or disable any Job Ad 4. Job Admin can view reports against Job Ads. Category Management: – 1. Job Admin can add new job category. 2. Job Admin can edit and delete existing category. 3. Job Admin can add new job sub category under a category. 4. Job Admin can edit and delete existing sub category. Member Management:- 1. Admin can manage membership. 2. Admin can manage membership cost and time. Location Management: – Admin can manage location. Feedback Management:- Admin can receive all the feedback and give necessary response to the user URL:

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