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Advanced Product Design Engine is a VistaPrint clone that lets customers personalize the products with cliparts, texts and uploaded custom images. Unlimited number of categories to keep and sort designs within them is one of great advantages of the tool. The main products to customize are items of clothing, phone cases and covers, stationery and others. For customers the process looks like this: Customers select png images and start working with designs: add elements to the canvas that make items look unique. It’s possible to save products personalized and proceed with them later in customer’s account. Here are some of the main features to be found in Advanced Product Design Engine: Works with all product types (cases and covers, T-shirts and clothing, wall art, drinkware, stationery and much more in order); Converts png files in HTML5 canvas for colorization; The elements can be colorized via static colors or colorpicker; Change color theme and canvas dimension easily via determined CSS class; The user is able to add any custom images, cliparts and texts to the extension configurator; The user is able to edit the added elements (changing color; stretching, dragging, moving, removing or rotating the images; change the text with numerous effects such as outline and shadow); Possibility to configure several product views if available: for instance, front and back sides for T-shirts; Possibility to configure products in the admin panel; Possibility to find orginal file (up to 7 mb) of uploaded photo in admin to download it and prepare a real product for the client; Possibility to manage fonts in admin (adding and deleting); Output images resolution at 300dpi

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